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“The main goal of therapy is to help a client move from his problems to his resources… so that he can lead his life in a way that is satisfying and become his own therapist.”


– David Boadella

What happens in the sessions?

To the clinic I come with a lot of respect and curiosity. I adapt my therapeutic approach to you, when the guiding principle of any therapeutic intervention is whether it supports you where you are and can help lead you to where you want to go.

The therapeutic relationship between me and the person sitting across from me at the clinic is the basis for any treatment process and sometimes becomes a resource and key to breakthroughs.

The therapeutic space is created to serve as a safe place for reflection and exploration of everything that comes up. Where it is possible to experience, experiment, play and bring in all of your parts – even the parts you may experience as less pleasant or illegitimate. Where you can just be and on the way perhaps find new possibilities for your life.

During the first few sessions you may share about your background and the issues that brought you to therapy. Later, we will define together the main goals of the therapy and allow the direction and the content to rise spontaneously according to your own pace and the way that is right for you. The choice to use various tools will be selected based on your wants and needs.

The therapeutic process can be short or long depending on your needs and desires and can range from several weeks to several years. The end of therapy usually comes when the therapeutic goals have been achieved, abiding by your choice.


Psychotherapy is psychological treatment, designed to help the person overcome problems, difficulties and crises. And to experience, internalize and implement changes he wishes for in his life.


What makes Body Psychotherapy unique is the idea that what happens in the mind must also be happening in the body and what happens in the body must also happen in the mind. The standpoint is that the person is whole and that we need to take into consideration all of his parts - cognitive, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual – therefore, various tools are used in addition to verbal communication that characterizes the classic psychological treatment.


Body psychotherapy originates in the work of Sigmund Freud and more particularly that of Wilhelm Reich, who is considered its forefather. Reich was a physician, psychoanalyst and scientist who studied the relationship between body, mind and the energy of life.

Biosynthesis means the integration of life. David Boadella developed it as a major modality within Body psychotherapy in the 1970s, and continues to work and research today at the International Center for the Biosynthesis in Hayden, Switzerland.


The starting point in biosynthesis recognizes that every person has the potential and capability for self-healing. Biosynthesis aims to create a bridge between cognitive therapy and physical therapy while using a diverse tool book, which includes talking, physical exercises, guided imagery, meditation, touch, breath and projective tools (drawing, bcards, etc.).

The therapy provides support in situations of difficulty and crisis, and can allow for relief and improvement for a personal process of fundamental change and growth.

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