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How much does it cost?

The basic fee for a therapy session is NIS 250 for 60 minutes.

I believe that therapy should be accessible to people from all walks of life, so the price is ultimately determined on a sliding scale.

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to go through the process of self-discovery and self-realization through self-acceptance, release limiting patterns and connect to resources and new possibilities. Therapy is aimed at meeting a wide range of topics related to health, both physically and mentally, and may provide a positive response among others to the following cases:

  • Anxiety, fear, depression and trauma

  • Sexuality and gender identity issues

  • Relationships, intimacy, and sexual issues

  • Eating disorders and addictions

  • Psychosomatic problems, such as indigestion

  • Tension headaches and chronic muscle

  • Insecurity and low self-esteem

  • Personal development and providing support for empowerment and self-realization

I invite you to contact me for an introductory meeting in Tel Aviv or Rishon Lezion:

054-246-1010 /

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