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EABP סדנה בנושא התמודדות עם חרדה בכנס

אוטוטו זה קורה... הכנס הבינלאומי של הארגון האירופאי לפסיכותרפיה גופנית (EABP) בברלין, שם אעביר סדנה בנושא התמודדות עם חרדה:

Alleviating Anxiety This workshop will explore the notion that reconnecting with oneself alleviates anxiety. I will highlight what I believe is a missing component in many anxiety treatments — the intrapersonal relationship of the individual. Perls wrote “The formula of anxiety is the gap between the now and then.” It is the intrapersonal relationship that fills this gap, and it is breathing and grounding, which manifest this relationship in a direct and highly effective way. Connecting the historical perspective of more than a century of body-psychotherapeutic research to our present-day clinical work, aids in providing a roadmap to alleviating anxiety, the most rampant chronic condition people live with today.

Presenter Yaniv Gafner, Biosynthesis Body-Psychotherapist, and Life Coach working in both English and Hebrew with a private clinic in Tel Aviv and Rishon Lezion, Israel. Experienced in the field of community mental-health, accompanying people coping with anxiety, depression, trauma and various personality disorders. Specializes and researches alleviating anxiety using tools for self-connection.

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