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Dragon Age Origin V1 5 Trainer Kelsat



Category:Trainer video games Category:2006 video games Category:Linux games Category:Windows games Category:Unreal Engine games Category:Video games developed in the United StatesQ: How can I tell if an event is currently being fired? Suppose I have an Action and an EventTrigger connected to it. If I subscribe to the event on the component and raise the event, how can I know whether the event is being raised or not? EventTrigger is declared as follows: public delegate void OnEvent(object sender, EventArgs e); A: It's hard to know without looking at the source code, but I think the best bet is to look at the event arguments. In this case, there's two arguments: EventArgs.Empty or EventArgs.Empty So the name isn't really helpful, but at least you'll know that the event is definitely raised when you see one of these. EDIT: The non-empty class is actually EventArgs but that's also going to be true for any event that doesn't specify a sender. A: I found a hacky workaround, not sure if it's ideal though: public void RaiseEvent() { var evtArgs = EventArgs.Empty; if (IsHandlerRegistered()) { EventTrigger.Trigger(this, EventArgs.Empty, evtArgs); } } You can easily modify this to account for your specific needs. Q: How can I compile Clang on Android without "clang-x86-linux-android" package? I've been using clang for quite a while on Linux, and now I want to use clang on Android. The problem is that Android does not include clang-x86-linux-android package, only gcc-arm-linux-androideabi. And that package depends on glibc (> 2.14), which is not available on Android. How can I build clang without this package? I'd like to avoid it if possible. I'm not willing to use llvm-gcc, because it's not a proper clang-cl, and does not support 64-bit targets. A: You can try to build clang as an Android



Dragon Age Origin V1 5 Trainer Kelsat

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